Here’s my dream:

1. That fresh, organic, presticide-free  vegetables be included in the diet of every person. If accomplished, this will decrease healthcare costs nationwide and improve the bodies of the population. This is a real benefit to all, as healthy bodies have been evidenced to work and to think better than their out-of-shape counterparts.

2. That the production of these vegetables increase the 99%’s value, thereby disrupting class divide by giving the poor ownership while reducing profit for the 1%. (This is an implicit benefit, which may initially be hard for some to understand. The point is that if you own the soil on which your vegetables are grown, you have increased the amount of real goods YOU own. This in turn frees up land for others to own. Currently, many fresh foods consumed by developed countries are produced elsewhere, because foreign land is cheaper and often more fertile. By reducing demand for this land, we will stop leaching from poorer nations and preventing their development, while simultaneously increasing the health and status of those in our own society).

4. That the minds of participants be healed through participation in an ancient activity, which has been shown to have calming effects.

5. That community throughout the world will be enhanced.

6. That the elimination of a small portion of divide between people will restore peace and order. This is to the benefit of all. Too much class divide is actually counter-productive to the upper-classes’ interests of maintaining status-quo.


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