The Beginning of Forever Fresh Indoor Garden


Last week I purchased a seed starter kit from Walmart in preparation for my Dad’s move into a mobile home with a yard. Now dozens of beans, peas, spinach,  and squash lay submerged in their tepid cells, slowly performing thousands of chemical changes to enable themselves to break free of their coats. I’m eventually hoping to plant these in my Dad’s “new” yard and am in love with the idea of watching the peas and beans crawl up his weathered fence. However, for now they rest in a corner of my living room and I’m suddenly aware of the free space around them. How difficult would it be to plant another round of vegetables in several weeks and to transplant those into my own containers to rest in by my apartment’s window sills?

I envision a program where I could continually produce all of my own salad leaves just by starting new seeds every two weeks, then transplanting the young plant at the same intervals, followed by harvesting and prepping the soil for new plants regularly. I quickly realized that this wouldn’t be hard at all. I only need to achieve one fully developed plant per day to eat fresh salad every day of the week. That’s completely realistic given the amount of space and the rotation requirements.

In fact, I realize that I could easily produce all of my own vegetables year round with the proper education, planning, and trial and error. And if I could do this (being someone who is not very talented with plants), anyone could do it.

It then occurred to me what it would mean if everyone did do it. And so I am here, hoping someone will listen, learn , benefit, and share from my mistakes and successes.


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